Non Playabe Character Heads
Modelling / Texture

Project:NEVERWINTER NIGHTS 2 : Mask of the Betrayer (2007)

As the player ventures thru the game of Mask of the Betrayer, a large number of NPC's would be needed in order populate the environment.

For following heads, I created a high poly asset, painted them in Zbrush and the converted into their low poly forms in 3d Studio Max. With certain heads such as the older more distressed characters, I would use Mudbox to add the finer details. Finessing in the game engine would then occur to make sure the assets were as optimal in the game environment as they could be

(From top left to bottom right)

Safiya in one of your main party members and a possible love interest for the player and also a Red Wizard, signified by the tattoo upon her head.

The Dove is a celestial character who is also a member of your party. Another possible love interest.

The Seer is a blind Drow female. I thought it was an awesome idea to have her eyes covered.

Nefris is the mother of Safiya, also a Red Wizard.

The Founder is the leading member of the Red Wizards.

Araman is a leading enforcer of the Red Wizards.

The Red Wizards played large roles in Mask of the Betrayer as the main antagonists of the game itself. As such many different heads were needed in order to help fill the world up.

With the creation of every single head in the game, my personal pipeline involved the creation a High Poly version from which to bake the data onto the Low Poly form.

These heads are finished High Poly heads of two female Red Wizards. Base models created in 3ds Max with detailing and texturing done in Zbrush. Exported and rendered in 3d Max using mental ray.

The majority of the antagonist in Mask of the Betrayer seemed to be the Red Wizard from the nation of Thay. As such many heads were needed. The following are four of those heads.

The first two females are low poly versions of these Red Wizard Female Heads, accompanied on the left by their respective tint mapped variants. Several male headed variants were also created to compliment the females as well. The heads shown are a middle aged male flowed by the obvious older head, accompanied by their tint maps as well.

Don't mind the blue head, was used to show my art lead the variants of the tint maps

The Founder was described as the ancient leader of her order of wizards. Using magic to live way beyond the normal life span of a regular person, she is only kept alive thru her usage of these techniques.

I modeled her head after pictures I saw of Bedouin women of the Sahara, using their wind and heat seared faces as guides in creating something wrinkled beyond normal age. She has the faded tattoo of her order upon her head. Due to her immense age, her eyes have turned to cataracts in their sockets. In general just added more sunken in and baggy features to further push her relative look in accordance to the story.