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"The Farthest Man From Home" a.k.a. "Project Roselyn" is a personal project of mine that I began about 3 years ago. It's been a very difficult project to tackle with consistency due to having only my free time to work on it between work and personal life. But somehow, someway I still find time to put in the work to tell a story I think is very true and near to me. I will use this section of my website to dedicate to it and fleshing it out as much as possible.

Human Source
Mesoamerica Oral Lore File ML-099

Took a section of the story (approx. between episodes 3 & 4) and used it as a test bed to see what exactly it would take to create an animated episode, the time frame and everything else involved with trying to create something of this scope.


A detailed description of man's rise, fall and eventual leaving of the Earth via establishing permanent colonies upon the moon.